We place at our customers' disposal modern high bay warehouses with the capacity of 16 thou pallets. This capacity can be increased depending on the needs of our customers

The warehouse management process is controlled by the QGUAR WMS software. The application of radio connections and scanners allows for fast and accurate exchange of data and continuous access to the information on stocks from the headquarters of the ordering party.


  • Storage warehouses,
  • Refrigeration stores up to -20ºC,
  • Warehouse management,
  • Consolidation and picking of goods on pallets,
  • Identification based on bar codes,
  • Sorting and repacking,
  • Removing labels / labeling,
  • Foiling,
  • Controlling the quality of goods,
  • Printing documents: invoices, delivery notes, etc.
  • Inventory and reporting on stocks based on the WMS system,
  • Other additional services meeting customers' requirements.